'William Arrow' was the writer of three Return to the Planet of the Apes adaptations: Return to the Planet of the Apes #1: Visions From Nowhere, Return to the Planet of the Apes #2: Escape From Terror Lagoon and Return to the Planet of the Apes #3: Man, The Hunted Animal.

In reality, 'William Arrow' was a pseudonym of two writers - William (Bill) Rostler wrote books #1 and #3; Donald J. Pfeil wrote book #2.[1] Pfeil was editor of Vertex: The Magazine of Science Fiction (for which Rostler was a regular contributor) and wrote the novels Voyage to a Forgotten Sun (1975), Through the Reality Warp (1976) and Look Back to Earth (1977). Rostler wrote the novels Patron of the Arts (1974), To the Land of the Electric Angel, Zandra (1978), The Far Frontier (1980) and The Hidden Worlds of Zandra (1983), among others.[2]


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