Verina Bolton first appears in an original story from the Brown & Watson 1977 Planet Of The Apes Annual, where her ship crash-lands, killing her two colleagues, and she is captured by a gorilla patrol. When Virdon, Burke and Galen rescue her, Burke recognises her as an old flame of his. They realise there is only enough fuel in her ship to carry one person back so they send her to ask for a rescue mission.

A 2005 unofficially produced online fan comic found Virdon and Burke reunited with Verina eleven years later (though only six months by her time) in a mutant prison. She was unsuccessful in raising a rescue mission, and so came back alone. In this story, she rescues Virdon, but Burke is killed in a final fight with Urko.


  • Artist John Bolton's surname is visible on Verina's uniform patch, suggesting it is also her last name. Bolton considered this a way around restrictions on signing his artwork for this project, and has stated that Verina's physical appearance was based on that of his wife.[1]


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  1. Unsung Hero: An Interview with John Bolton - 'Simian Scrolls' #9 (2004)

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