Values was a 2003 fan-produced audio drama written by Dave Ballard and with illustrations by Neil T. Foster, featuring the characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.




Ad from Simian Scrolls fanzine

Also starring

  • Charles Tant as Tobias
  • Steve Hill as Urko
  • Jennifer Adams Kelly as Sally Virdon
  • Phillip J Mather as Prof. Kronos / announcer
  • James Dunlop
  • Dave Ballard
  • Leslie Dunlop
  • Amanada Clift

Production CrewEdit

  • Director & Producer for Argolis ... Robert Dunlop
  • Director for Everlasting Films ... Peter Himinez
  • Co-Producer for Simian Sounds ... John Roche
  • Additional recordings produced by Dave Parish
  • Written by Dave Ballard
  • Illustrations by Neil T. Foster



  • CDs were exchanged for donations to a 9/11 charity.

External LinksEdit

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