Hello Everybody,

I just saw the new trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was fantastic! It was very cinematic and really cool although I did like the last one better. With that said I'd like to talk about a few things.

First of all, there is going to be alot of apes and I mean alot. I know we've seen this plenty of times but here it really popped out on me. With the apes running through the city at the beginning and the shot we already saw of Caesar's apes all gathered behind him we will definately be getting alot of apes.

By the way the shot of the apes taking down that bear is super cool.

I also think that the relationship between Malcolm and Caesar is going to be very strong and this trailer seemed to stress that. We hear Malcom talking about their families then trying to convince Dreyfus against war. Then Caesar tells Malcolm that he is a good man like Will. His relationship with him even leads Koba to get angry which leads me to my next point.

This trailer shows just how intense the relationship between Caesar and Koba will be. In the trailer we see Koba challenging Caesar saying "Caesar loves human more then apes!". This was really cool in my opinion and I think it's the first time we've heard Koba speak or maybe even any ape other then Caesar but I'm not sure. The trailer also shows Koba showing violence to the humans. We see him straight up shoot two humans (very deceitfully I might add) and challenge another before Maurice steps in which show us that Muarice wil be a very noble and wise ape.

We also did get confirmation that this is a PG13 movie.

Well, I thought that the trailer was great and these were just a few things that struck me about the trailer. Tell me what you think about them.

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