Hello Everybody,

I just finished Firestorm, the prequel novel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a few days ago. I loved it and it has made me even more excited for the movie. It was a great book and I'd like to share my thoughts.

I thought that Greg Keyes did a great job developing Dreyfus and Koba. He made Dreyfus out to be a kind of hero for San Franscisco and just an all around great guy. I loved what he did with Koba giving him a backstory. I really felt sorry for Koba. He had a broken past and it really makes the character so much deeper.

I also loved some of the new characters he added like Talia, Malakai, Clancy, and David. These were all solid character that felt genuine and were very cool. I really enjoyed the parts with Talia in the hospitol, it was just so interesting to me. I also really enjoyed Malakai Youmans. He was very fleshed out and just such an interesting character. His past from a war torn land was moving and interesting. He was such a great character and Clancy was a good counter to Malakai. David's investigation was also super cool and felt like a mystery story. Even though it probably won't matter in Dawn, I still loved these characters.

I also really liked the references to the first. I like how Milo has been named after Milo and I liked the new take on the Alpha Omega. I thought it was super cool. This group believed the virus had blessed them by stripping them of the "chaff" similarly to how the mutants thought the bomb had blessed them by giving them telepathic powers. This may very possibly be the basis for the next movie in the series.

My one major complaint is that it shifted around a little too much. After you really got engaged with one character you were ripped out of the story into a new one. It's a only small problem though.

I really enjoyed it and it has made me super excited for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. If you're as excited as I am you should read it before you watch the movie. Did you read it and what did you think?

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