Warning Spoiler ahead for thoser who haven't seen Dawn of the PLanet of the Apes.

In an interview with Andy Serkis, he was asked if nuclear war was ruled out for the next installments, to which he replied it defainetly was not. Could the human-ape war result in a nuclear war, in which humans further destroy whats left of themselves? I wonder because when Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver came in on Rise they confirmed that the virus was suppossed to be a replacement for the nuclear war, because they both destroyed human civilization. But with Matt Reeves and Mark Bomback writing it now its really thier choice. I also wonder if this series will have the apes move to NYC, in search of a new home and refugee during/after the war. Becuase it seemed their home was burnt to the ground in Dawn. What do you guys think?

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