Hey yo guys,I'm very excited to see the last trailer of Dawn,I've noticed some things from the teaser that was posted in the oficial Dawn Instagram and Facebook page:

-Grey is a chimp and very loyal to Koba?A picture posted on facebook shows an actor with the mo-cap of Grey,and he's holding a long spear next to Malcolm and Koba.And down this picture we can see the same scene in CGI and I saw a chimp holding the same spear,and this chimp appears several scenes with Koba,so I think it's possible that he's Grey.

-Malcolm will be thrown to the ground by apes?In the new teaser posted,we can see a gorila standing in front of Malcolm and his clothes aren't dirty,but on other trailers he appears surrounded by apes and totally covered in mud.It is possible that some ape  acted brutally with him?

-On another teaser,we see Malcolm puffy and apparently hiding,and back we can see an ape pointing a gun to him.I think the ape is River/Blue Eyes.Can someone confirm?

What you guys think?Sorry my broken english.

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