This is my POTA timeline. It only has the 9 films and the 2 TV shows

1973 Escape-The apes time travel, after they are killed the government publicly says it was a mistake and only few know that it really happened

C.1980 Conquest/escape-Most part of the cats and dogs are killed by a virus (ALZ-113) that was transmitted by the "ape-stronauts"

1980-1984 Conquest/escape-Apes are now the human's pets

1993 Conquest-Caesar leads the ape rebellion and goes missing* Rise-The dogs/cats virus is controlled Battle-The nuclear war starts

C.2008 Battle-The war ends Rise-The ALZ-112 is created

2016 Rise-Another Caeser leads another rebellion, the virus spreads Battle-The virus affected the apes from the 1993 rebellion

2020 Battle-Aldo attempts to tacke over the city, apes and humans live in peace Planet-Thade arrives and take over a part of the USA

2026 Dawn-Koba starts the war

2028-2031 War-Caesar dies and the war ends Planet:All the 3 ape rebellions meet and become one in the same

2029 Planet-The oberdon gets lost in time and land in Ashlar, Leo returns to Earth

2670 Battle-The Lawgiver reads the sacred scrolls 2 some kids

3085 Tv-Humans are now the ape's slaves, Vidron and Burk land Planet/War-The AL-113 makes humans dumber

3978 Planet-Taylor lands

3979 Return-More astronauts land Beneath-Brent lands, end of the planet

5021 Planet-Leo lands