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Biographical information
Species Gorilla
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor Ron Stein
First Appearance Escape from Tomorrow
Last Appearance Escape from Tomorrow

Turvo was a gorilla who lived in the territory of Chalo in the late 31st century. He was one of the soldiers under the command of prefect Veska. Turvo accompanied Veska a strip of scorched land where they discovered the remains of the Icarus. Inside the ship was the body of a dead astronaut, Jonesy, and two empty command chairs. Veska ordered Turvo to bury Jonesy's body then put out a search on the two missing astronauts. After doing so, Turvo brought a message from Veska to Councilor Zaius in Central City. The message detailed what they had found and also indicated that two dangerous humans were at large.


  • The only information available about Turvo comes from the "Escape from Tomorrow" shooting script. The character is never referenced or addressed by name in the episode.
  • Turvo wears the uniform of the rank of 'sergeant'.

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