In Battle of Two Worlds, Virdon, Burke and Galen visited a village which was almost deserted. A huge space-craft, "containing thirty humans" led by Trang, had appeared from the sky and had killed the village apes and planned to take over the planet and make the apes their slaves. Zaius and Urko argued about how best to fight this new threat, while Pete and Alan used gasoline make up molotov cocktails. They wanted to use Trang's ship to return to their own time but when he tried to escape they had to blow up the ship.


  • It's not made clear where Trang had come from but it's implied that he is a time-travelling human; Virdon and Burke guess that the ship is one that was developed by NASA in the 1970's and believe it can return them to their own time; Trang appears to be a human and influenced by the Nazis.


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