Tiffany Smith was a member of Rick Baker's 'Cinovation' make-up staff who played the role of Thade’s sister in the 2001 're-imagined' film, Planet of the Apes. Smith's involvement in the project went back further, as Rick Baker recalled: "From the beginning, I knew Helena [Bonham Carter]'s makeup was going to be the hardest. When they said they wanted to make her sexually attractive - well, I knew that was going to be tough. So we started on her first. Before we even took a lifecast of Helena, we began with tests on Tiffany Smith, who works for me. But the first test makeup was too humanized - she looked more like a freak human than an ape."[1]


  • The character of 'Thade’s sister' was given the nick-name 'Lola' by her makeup artists.

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