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 The Simian Flu, formerly known as the ALZ-112 and ALZ-113, is the name of a viral "cure" later a contagous viral strain for Alzheimer's Disease developed by Dr. Will Rodman at the Gen-Sys Laboratories. The "cure" later caused the downfall of the human race and rise of the Ape revolution led by Caesar.




ALZ-112 was the name of the viral "cure" for Alzheimer's Disease developed by Dr. Will Rodman at the Gen-Sys Laboratories over the course of five-and-a-half years. Among the chimp test subjects were Bright Eyes, Lorelei, Chambers, Burke and Verdon. A military-sanctioned "variant" of the drug was administered to Burke and Verdon, the latter of whom was later shot attempting to escape. Bright Eyes went berserk just as Rodman was announcing his progress to members of the board. The project was closed down as a result, but Rodman adopted the new-born child of Bright Eyes, Caesar, who developed remarkable intelligence as a result of his mother's exposure to the virus. Rodman noted that both Bright Eyes and Caesar developed a green tint in their eyes as their intelligence increased.

After Will's success in giving the drug to his own father, Charles Rodman, who suffered from the disease, Gen-Sys began developing a newer and stronger version - "ALZ-113". He reported to Gen-Sys boss Steven Jacobs that not only had his father recovered his mental faculties using 112, he had become even more intelligent. (BOOM: Rise of the Planet of the Apes webcomic) (CE: Rise of the Planet of the Apes)



The ALZ-113, it was a revision Will Rodman's earlier ALZ-112 research, which had been denied permission for human trials eight years earlier. After Rodman's limited success in giving ALZ-112 to his father, Charles Rodman, who suffered from the disease, Gen-Sys began developing this newer and stronger version. They had remarkable results with a bonobo named Koba. Rodman brought some canisters home in order to treat his father, but Charles refused and died soon afterwards. Later, Caesar - a chimp already affected by the 112 virus - stole these canisters and released them in the San Bruno Primate Shelter where he was being held. The following morning, all the ape inmates displayed vivid green eyes, reflecting their new-found intelligence. However, the drug proved to be both fatal and highly contagious to humans, causing a worldwide pandemic. Among the first victims were chimp handler Robert Franklin and pilot Douglas Hunsiker.


The first officially recognized fatality was pilot Mark Rowan, who died in 2012 in Calcutta, West Bengal. A year later, an outbreak occurred in London's Heathrow airport, where the suspected infected were detained. In 2014, John F. Kennedy airport went into lockdown for health screening. In China, a mass illness occured during a business conference in Shanghai in 2015, with the virus spreading from London to mainland Europe a year later. Chaos ensued the next year in the Baltic states in response to the goverments' medical practices. In 2018, the virus spread to the Middle East, killing millions. By 2019-2020, the virus had completely overrun the USA and Russia.

Simian FluEdit

After the deaths of Franklin and Hunisker, the ALZ-113 was renamed to the Simian Flu for a currently unknown reason. It is possible that the virus was renamed due to Koba being the reason why the virus spread. Another possibility could be that it caused the apes to become more intelligent while it caused the condition of the human race to deteriorate.


  • 112 was the running time, in minutes, of the original Planet of the Apes movie.
  • An earlier version of the script used the name "ADV 112" - shorthand for "adenovirus".
  • There is a set photo from the set of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes of a wall with the caption 'ALZ-113' in reference of this "cure".
  • In the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the ALZ-113 might be mentioned but the virus is now known as the Simian Flu.

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