The relationships of Stone from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.

Friends and AlliesEdit


Koba & Blue-Eyes charge into war

Koba, Stone's friend and self-appointed leader.

Koba was Stone's best friend.

Stone was seen to be very loyal to Koba and was one of the few apes who didn't enjoy the reality of Caesar's leadership. Like Koba, he didn't appear to like the humans. Stone was one of the apes who was ordered by Koba to set the Ape Village alight and to pin it on the humans by dumping Carver's lighter, claiming it to be "evidence" that the humans were responsible.

After this, Stone follows Koba into battle. Upon witnessing Stone's death, Koba became enraged and avenged his friend's death by hijacking the tank and killing the humans who were driving it.



Grey, Stone's friend.

Grey is Stone's best friend.

Together they cooperated well and stuck with Koba on his secret mission to and fro in the city. They both stood together looking nervous when Koba was caught in the act near the armory by the two armed guards.


Caesar puts Koba in his place

Caesar, Stone's king and former enemy.

Caesar was Stone's king and former enemy turned follower

Stone was one of the few apes to dislike the reign of Caesar - possibly because of Stone's strong allegiance to Koba. Stone willingly assisted Koba in his plans to dethrone Caesar as well as to start a Human-Ape War. However, Stone was also terrified of Caesar, as he did not assist Koba when he was beaten by Caesar, for accusing him of loving the humans more than the apes, and more than his sons.

Stone becomes a follower of Caesar after Koba's death at the hands ape king; it can be assumed that he learned from Grey about Koba's true colors, as it likely made him feel disgusted that he had swore allegiance to a violent psychopath and caused him to feel foolish for his blind loyalty.

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