Stephen Kandel is a television screenwriter and producer. Starting with film writing in the mid-1950s, Kandel subsequently wrote episodes for many popular TV series, including Sea Hunt, The Rogues, Batman, I Spy, The Iron Horse (writer and associate producer), Star Trek, It Takes a Thief, Mannix, Bracken's World (starring Linda Harrison), The Immortal, Hawaii Five-O, Medical Center, Cannon (writer and executive story consultant, 47 episodes), Mission: Impossible (writer and story editor), Banacek, Star Trek: The Animated Adventures, Harry O, The Six Million Dollar Man, Barnaby Jones, The Bionic Woman, Switch (story editor and writer), Wonder Woman, Hart to Hart (writer and story editor) and MacGyver (executive story consultant, writer and producer, 53 episodes). Kandel also wrote an unused script for the Planet of the Apes TV series. The final draft of his script, titled "Hostage", was dated April 5, 1974, and judging by the production codes was one of the earliest scripts written before the series entered production. The story followed on from an already-written TV series Concept, and featured Virdon, Kovak (later renamed 'Burke') and Galen as fugitives from ape leaders Zaius and Ursus (later renamed 'Urko').

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