Sondra Locke is an actress featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. She appeared in the 1974 episode "The Cure" as Amy.

Ron Harper had fond memories of his co-star: "Sondra Locke I liked. I have to tell you something: after acting with her in a couple of scenes, there was something so feminine about her that I could picture myself easily falling for her. So I can see why Clint [Eastwood] was interested! She's one of those women who exudes femininity, and you just become so attracted to that."[1]


  • Sondra Locke and Apes actress Colleen Camp co-starred as two young girls who seduce, then torture a businessman in the thriller Death Game (1977), produced by Larry Spiegel.

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  1. I Talked with a Zombie: Interviews With 23 Veterans of Horror and Sci-Fi by Tom Weaver (2008)

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