Minister Shiva's grandmother was a low-caste chimpanzee/gorilla hybrid courtesan who bore Genearl Thade’s illegitimate child. Shiva is an advocate for wiping out the human population except for a few young ones, opting that later generations of humanity still may serve as slaves for Ape-kind. When debates in the ape senate don’t go as she wishes, she decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to Calima, taking Kharim and a few soldiers with her. Her grand plan to eliminate the human population as well as its supporters is never revealed but she has desires to access the computers and fulfill her evil deed. She manages to deactivate the ram shields. She doesn’t understand what she is doing with the unfamiliar technology nor how to activate the ram shields once again. Kharim kills Shiva, understanding that she was abusing her power and authority which was jeopardizing everyone’s safety.


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