Saru no Wakusei
Saru no Wakusei (Manga Tengoku)
Publisher Manga Tengoku Zôkan
Cover Date 7 June 1971
Mangaka (Artist) Kuroda Minoru

Kuroda Minoru, better known for horror comics, wrote this 250-page manga adaptation of Planet of the Apes (including two color pages with pictures from the movie) for Manga Tengoku Zôkan ('comic heaven - special issue') in 1971.

Saru no Wakusei (Manga Tengoku)3


Part I
  • 1: Emergency Landing
  • 2: Land Where The Apes Hunt Man
  • 3: Man - The Caged Animal
Part II
  • 4: The Trial
  • 5: Escape - Wandering
  • 6: Forbidden Zone

Saru no Wakusei (Manga Tengoku)2

This followed a previous manga adaptation from 1968. Special edition magazines covered the first two Apes films, while Battle for the Planet of the Apes was also adapted in comic format in 1973.

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