Saru no Wakusei (Adventure King)1
Publisher Akita Shoten
Cover Date April 1968
Mangaka (Artist) Jôji Enami

This 63-page 'movie adaptations' special issue bessatsu ('volume') of the monthly manga magazine Bôken'ô (/ Bouken ou - 'Adventure King', first published in 1959) included an adaptation of Planet of the Apes written and drawn by Jôji Enami and was published in 1968.

Notably, this adaptation had a completely different design for the spacecraft and the crew had increased to five, 'Anne' taking the place of Stewart. On-board sabotage, rather than experimental science, explained the arrival of the craft in the far future. The conclusion featuring the Statue of Liberty was omitted in order to retain the shock value of the film which was then still in the cinemas.

Saru no Wakusei (Adventure King)2

This adaptation was also included in an 'Adventure King' quarterly collection.

Saru no Wakusei (Adventure King) Saru no Wakusei (Adventure King)3

Another manga adaptation of the original movie followed in 1971. Special edition magazines covered the first two Apes films, while Battle for the Planet of the Apes was also adapted in comic format in 1973.

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