Saigo no Saru no Wakusei
Saigo no Saru no Wakusei
Publisher Akita Shoten
Cover Date 1973
Mangaka (Artist) Mitsuru Sugaya

In 1973 the Monthly Shōnen Champion manga anthology publication commissioned young artist Mitsuru Sugaya to adapt the recent movie Battle for the Planet of the Apes. This formed part of a series that also included Ben-Hur, The Last American Hero and McQ. The series was curtailed when the oil crisis caused the price of the recycled paper used in comic magazines to soar, leading to the total number of pages being reduced to maintain the price.

Saigo no Saru no Wakusei2

This adaptation followed a manga adaptation of the original film from 1968 and a second adaptation from 1971, along with special edition magazines covering the first two Apes films.

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