Queensboro Plaza is part of an elevated subway station located in New York City. A double-decked platform station, the Plaza, extends above Queen's Plaza east of the Queensboro Bridge.

Beneath the Planet of the ApesEdit

In the late 40th century, large sections of the Queensboro Plaza were found intact, partially buried beneath a mountain of rubble. A time-lost astronaut named John Brent and a mute human female named Nova explored the dilapidated passageways of the Plaza subway tunnels. Brent found a moldering placard attached to a wall identifying the Queensboro Plaza. It was at that moment, that he realized that the "alien" world he thought he had discovered was actually his home planet - Earth.


  • In the Beneath the Planet of the Apes novelization, the Queensboro Plaza is spelled Queensborough.
  • Queensboro Plaza is an actual place in New York City, but is an elevated subway platform that lacks tilework, which is usually only seen in underground subway stations.
  • Queens Plaza station which is next to Queensboro Plaza station is the underground station , which would have had a tiled sign. 2 different lines servicing different trains.

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