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Biographical information
Species Orangutan
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor Jerome Thor
First Appearance Escape from Tomorrow
Last Appearance Escape from Tomorrow

Proto was an orangutan who lived in Central City in the late 31st century. He was one of the city's council members and a close confidante of Councilor Zaius. Proto was present the day a formal inquest was held against the renegade humans Alan Virdon and Peter Burke. When Virdon stated that humans and apes should live as equals, Proto exclaimed "Sacrilege!" He agreed with fellow councilors Zaius and Grundig that the humans should not be executed, but rather studied to see what made them so different from every other human on the planet.

Notes Edit

The only information available about Proto comes from the "Escape from Tomorrow" shooting script. The character is never referenced or addressed by name in the episode, though his name does appear in the closing credits.

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