Never show weakness.
Pope's view of apes to humans

Pope was an altered chimpanzee and a member of the Ape Colony. Like Koba, Pope had lived in the human's dark side, evident by the multiple scars on his left side. He was a former lab ape.


Pope was the leader of the ape soldiers in Caesar's Ape Colony, training them with ruthless efficiency. Caesar was uneasy about Pope's reckless behaviour and decided to send him on a special mission into the ruins of San Francisco.

Pope and his search party spotted a house on their scouting mission. Pope then ordered Fifer and Cora to check the house for humans and supplies. When two humans named Jeremy and Liz cornered Fifer and Cora, Pope leaped from above and violently beat Jeremy to death. Liz fled in terror and Pope ordered Fifer and Cora to go after her and kill her. Fifer protested, reminding Pope that Caesar told them not to kill humans. Pope defied Caesar's orders and convinced the two to kill her, telling them that if the human lived, she would tell other humans and they would find and destroy the apes.

They scouting party next reached San Francisco Zoo, where they encountered a troop of primal apes. Pope challenged their alpha male to a fight and killed him. He then ordered Fifer and Cora to corral the rest of the troop in order to bring them under his control and challenge Caesar.

Worried about Pope's plans, Fifer fled to warn Caesar, but Cora was tortured and killed by Pope to find out where Fifer had gone. Pope's scouts found a colony of humans and Pope made plans to enslave them too.


More to come...



Koba was Pope's close friend turned enemy.

Koba and Pope had been good friends, as they both shared a hatred of humans. But unlike Koba, Pope did not like Caesar's leadership, which put a strain on their friendship. When Pope later started a militia of wild apes and plotted to rebel against Caesar, Koba was forced to hunt down his former friend and prevent him from killing his leader.


More to Come...




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