A planet where seductive lesbians are the 8th Wonder of the World and the dominant species becomes the setting for this sensual adventure that travels deep into the Forbidden Zone. That’s because these sexy and libidinous ladies have banished men and made apes their personal slaves. Into this world comes a TV repairman-turned-mad doctor whose unique invention that tunes into the erotic signals from distant galaxies instead transports him to this uninhibited paradise.


There's some not-so-serious monkey business going on in this zero-budget softcore romp! Hard on the heels of Playmate of the Apes, the New Jersey tale of astronauts who crash-land on a jungle planet with a plentiful supply of leopard-skin bikinis, comes Planet of the Erotic Ape, the Cincinnati tale of what happens when a mad scientist invents a device that strands him on a jungle planet with a plentiful supply of leopard-skin bikinis. Lou Vockell, the one-man Cincinnati film industry, presents a movie that tests the limits of ape-suit rental contracts. Babes in Kong Land (2007) is a re-edited version of the wacky nudie comedy with more footage added.

Primary Cast:

  • Bill Randolph as George Taylor
  • Jenny Wallace
  • Lisa Schneider as The Queen
  • Julie Strain
  • Candy Doll
  • Monique Gabrielle
  • Addie Morton
  • Luana Chass
  • Amber Rae
  • Storm


Erotic Ape
Planet of the Erotic Ape

Tinkering TV-and-VCR-repairman George Taylor (Bill Randolph) tries out his latest invention - a miraculous computer device allowing him to observe females obtaining sexual satisfaction, mostly with other females, until one channel zeroes in on erotic signals coming from outer space. He's mysteriously transported to an otherworldly planet where men have been discarded from the planet and an all-female tribe of insatiable natives have turned apes into their personal love slaves.

A strawberry blonde belly-dancing love interest in a fig-leaf bikini (Jenny Wallace), falls for the hapless mad-scientist who appears in a forest glade one day, fiddling with his remote control. She shimmies in a grass skirt long enough to conk him over the head with a wooden club and drag him to the lair of her ape-loving queen. The confused small appliance man must either satisfy the lusty queen or submit to the traditional Gelding Ceremony, after which he will be unmanned with an oversized garden implement and sent to the Forbidden Zone. With the odds in his favor - and his oversexed libido in heaven - he sets out to become the ladies' 'King Kong'. [1]

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