Planet of the Apes
(Dark Horse Comics):
The Human War
Darkhorse hw2origcover
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Issue number 2
Cover Date July 2001
Writers Ian Edginton
Pencillers Paco Medina
Inkers Juan Vlasco
Cover Artists J. Scott Campbell
Colorist Michelle Madsen
Letterer Juan Vlasco
Editor Phil Amara

Taking place after astronaut Leo Davidson's adventure on the ape world, the anti-human forces of Shiva's ape army seek to exterminate the integrated human and ape resistance led by the chimp leader, Seneca, and the human, Esau. Meanwhile, a double-agent walks a dangerous line, working for the ape army while smuggling arms and provisions to the rebels. When this agent is exposed, secrets are revealed that force both sides into a race against time for the ultimate weapon in the war...and for the chance to rule the Planet of the Apes!


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Planet of the Apes
(Dark Horse Comics)

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Planet of the Apes: The Human War #3

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