"Apes wearing clothes! It's a madhouse... a mad-house!!!"

Terror on the Planet of the ApesEdit

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Synopsis: This documentary was shown as part of the American Movie Classics (AMC) cable TV channel's celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Planet of the Apes (1968). We learn how the original French novel was transformed into the first film; the problems that the producers encountered during production of the entire series (often involving shrinking budgets); how the stories related to current events (e.g., the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement); and how the series became a pervasive part of American popular culture. The film includes interviews with many of the people involved in the production of the film series, including all the main performers. Personal movies taken on the shooting sets and early ape makeup test footage (with Edward G. Robinson and James Brolin) are also featured.

Planet of the Apes, Part IV of VI - TrialEdit

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Synopsis: Taylor has been captured and taken back to his cage at Zira's hospital. Julius, still angry with Taylor for being knocked down earlier calls him a freak and assaults him with a fire hose. He places Taylor and Nova in two separate cages.

Before long though, Dr. Zaius orders Taylor to be brought to the ape assembly hall. An official tribunal is called in which the judiciary panel (made up of the president of the assembly, Dr. Maximus and Dr. Zaius preside over Taylor's fate. Dr. Honorius is chosen to prosecute the state's case against Taylor, while Zira and Cornelius argue in Taylor's defense.

Taylor attempts to explain his origins, but Honorius objects to nearly everything he says. Cornelius suggests to the tribunal, that while it may be impossible for Taylor to have come from another planet, it is possible that he came from the Forbidden Zone. This assertion opens the doorway for Cornelius to expound upon his belief that an ape society existed prior to that which is stated within their own holy scripture. The trial eventually concludes and the President has Zira and Cornelius indicted for scientific heresy.

Taylor is brought into Zaius' office. Zaius reveals that Taylor is not the first talking human he has seen. He is also aware of the existence of John Landon (whom had since been lobotomized). He believes that Taylor is a freak aberration that exists somewhere beyond the Forbidden Zone. Taylor is not surprised that Zaius didn't want his knowledge entered into the official record. Taylor asks what is to be done with him and Zaius tells him that he will be dissected and studied. Taylor spits upon him. As Taylor is dragged away he is heard shouting towards Zaius, "What are you afraid of?"


Malibu Terror4
  • Terror on the Planet of the Apes is divided into two chapters:
  • Part I: A Riverboat Named Simian
  • Part II: Gunpowder Julius
  • These installments of Terror on the Planet of the Apes were reissued by Malibu Graphics in December 1991 as a stand-alone comic.


  • Additional information is based on material originally supplied in the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie.

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