Planet of the Apes
(Dark Horse Comics)
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Issue number 4
Cover Date December 2001
Writers Dan Abnett
Pencillers Sanford Greene,
Pop Mhan
Inkers Norman Lee,
Pop Mhan
Cover Artists Guy Davis
Colorist Dan Jackson
Letterer Steve Dutro
Editor Phil Amara

The quest for answers continues, as Esau, Seneca, Attar, and Crow flee from the vicious pursuit of Scarak and his ape soldiers. When they make a stand in a snowy forest, all seems lost as one of them is severely wounded and left for dead, and the others are quickly outnumbered. A mysterious forest legend, a warrior in black armor, may provide a rescue...but will he be saving our heroes for a worse fate? The "Bloodlines" story arc begins here, as new Apes co-writer Dan Abnett (Legion Lost) joins the team and unearths even more bone-chilling mysteries!


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Planet of the Apes
(Dark Horse Comics)

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Planet of the Apes #5

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