Highly-respected character actor Paul Giamatti played the role of Limbo in the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes.


Paul Giamatti's career began in the late 1990's with his first high profile role as Kenny Rushton in Private Parts. He was even nominated for an academy award for this part. In 1998, Paul played a large number of supporting roles including Saving Private Ryan and The Negotiator. He continued to stay strong through the 2000s beginnng with Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. He portrayed the orangutan human slave trader, Limbo. After taking this role in Planet of the Apes he went on to play other parts like Big Fat Liar and Big Momma's House. In 2003 he received critical acclaim for American Splendor. He later was nominated for a golden globe award for his part in Sideways. He went on to star in even more roles including Shoot 'em Up, The Nanny Diaries, Fred Claus, Pretty Bird and Win Win.

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