Pat Renella was an American actor who played the role of Jason in the 1974 Planet of the Apes television episode "The Gladiators" and of Zon in the episode "The Deception".

Born in Chicago, Renella came to Los Angeles and worked as an entertainer and nightclub singer before appearing on the TV show The Alaskans in 1960 and making his movie debut in X-15 (1961). His film credits include Riot on Sunset Strip (1967), Bullitt (1968), Moonchild (1974), Run for the Roses (1977) and Beverly Hills Brats (1989), and he appeared regularly on TV series including The New Phil Silvers Show, Mannix (executive produced and writen by his close friend Bruce Geller), General Hospital, McCloud, The Streets of San Francisco, The Rockford Files, Cannon, Faraday and Company, Police Woman, S.W.A.T. and Hunter. He died in Los Angeles after a lengthy illness.

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