Nova's story was re-told in the Apes Game For PC. A leader among the (speaking) human rebels, along with her brother Mathias, Nova helped to free Ulysses from Ape captivity because they believed he was their prophesied saviour. Ulysses first encountered Nova in the ruins of the human city, which had been occupied by Ursus' gorilla militia for the purposes of his secret experiments. Trapped by a gorilla with murderous intent, Ulysses was rescued by Nova. Escaping the city, Nova took Ulysses to the home of Bosko, who sheltered him. When the gorillas then attacked this human settlement, Nova and Ulysses fled to Mathias' home in the nearby canyon. Nova remained here while Ulysses went on his various quests to recover the human artefacts, but when he returned from his last journey Mathias told him that Nova had been captured and taken to the Ape City. This was done to lure Ulysses into a trap. Knowing this, Ulysses went before the Ape High Council anyway, and presented his evidence against Ursus. In gratitude for preventing Ursus' takeover, Zaius allowed Ulysses and Nova to leave the Ape City unharmed, provided they promise never to return.


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