The relationships of Nova (CE) from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.

Friends and AlliesEdit



Maurice, Nova's first good ape friend and adoptive father.

Maurice is Nova's first good ape friend and adoptive father.

Maurice is the one that finds Nova and befriends her after he and Caesar find her. He offers her a doll that he finds and gives it to her, gaining her trust. Maurice is seen to argue with Caesar about Nova's fate and argues that they shouldn't just leave her to die. Maurice becomes a father-figure to Nova over the course of War. He manages to teach her the special ape sign language and other sign languages as well so she can have a way to communicate.

During their journey, Maurice allowed Nova to ride on his back, and would hang back with her whenever Caesar, Rocket, and Luca would scout ahead. During the group's stay at Bad Ape's hideout, Maurice allows Nova to sleep safely in his arms. When Luca is killed by an Alpha-Omega patrol, Maurice is seen comforting the girl as she weeps over the gorilla's death.

Before initiating the plan to help Caesar and the apes escape the Alpha-Omega prison, Maurice stops to tell Nova that she is very brave, making her smile. When she asks if she is now an ape, Maurice officially names her 'Nova'. The two work together and help the adolescent apes escape the prison using an underground tunnel.

By the end of the movie, the apes have finally reached their new home. Maurice allows Nova to run off and play with the other apes, now viewing her as a daughter.


WPOTA Caesar 2

Caesar, Nova's second good ape friend.

Caesar was Nova's second good ape friend.

Though he was not exactly friendly to her on their first meeting, as Caesar is seen arguing with Maurice over Nova's fate when they find her and he tells Maurice to just leave her, basically to die but Maurice is insistent and Caesar is forced to agree to take Nova with them

During their journey, Caesar becomes comfortable around Nova and seems to care somewhat for her, as her gives her some water when Maurice said she was thirsty. When Caesar was being held prisoner in the Alpha-Omega base, Nova sneaks in and helps him survive the night by giving him food and water, earning her Caesars gratitude and trust.

By the end of the movie, Caesar views Nova as a fellow ape and great friend.



Luca, Nova's third good ape friend.

Luca was Nova's third good ape friend.

Luca is initially distrustful and wary of Nova. However, he slowly becomes accustomed to her and comes to care for her. During their journey north, Luca noticed Nova reaching for some pink flowers in a tree. He picks a flower for her and places it in her hair, and the two smile at each other.

When Luca is killed, Nova places a pink flower in his ear just as he did with her as a way to thank him for his kindness. She appears heartbroken by his death.



Rocket, Nova's fourth good ape friend.

Rocket is Nova's fourth good ape friend.

Rocket was initially distrustful and wary of Nova. Though they aren't seen interacting much, it is clear Rocket comes to care for Nova. When Nova sneaks into the Alpha-Omega base to care for Ceasar, Rocket creates a distraction for her to escape, causing himself to get captured and brutally beaten by Red.

By the end of the movie, Rocket is comfortable being around Nova, and views her as a fellow ape.

Bad ApeEdit

WPOTA Bad Ape with hoodie

Bad Ape, Nova's fifth good ape friend.

Bad Ape is Nova's fifth good ape friend.

More to come...

Cornelius Edit

Cornelius is Nova's sixth ape friend.

More to come...

Caesar's Infant Son

Cornelius, Nova's sixth ape friend.



McCullough, Nova's enemy and indirect victim.

Colonel McCulloughEdit

McCullough was Nova's enemy and indirect victim.

It is not known if Nova ever had any direct interaction with McCullough, but it is clear she is aware of his army and their intentions. It is possible McCullough ordered Nova to be executed due to her being infected, causing her father to desert McCullough's army and hide her in a small remote village where Caesar and the other apes would eventually find her.

While sneaking into the Alpha-Omega base, Nova gives her blood covered doll to Caesar. In the morning, McCullough picks up the doll from Caesar's cage, causing him to become infected. Caesar later finds McCullough, now a mute, and watches him commit suicide.

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