Nova's Human Colony was a group of wild humans that lived in the jungles of Soror.


The colony lived on the outskirts of an ape city within the confines of the jungles of Soror. The colony seemed to be led by the father of Nova. When Nova brought word of three strange men in the jungles, Nova's father followed her to the place where she encountered them.

Though initially interaction with the humans from Earth were peaceful, when Ulysse tried to engage them in human behavior, it disturbed the colony. When the three wore clothes, it enraged the wild men and women, provoking them to attack and strip the explorers bare. Once satisfied with this state, Nova's people dragged them back to the colony.

Majority of the tribe were slaughtered during the gorilla hunting drive. The corpses from the drive were taken to a hunting lodge. There the hunters were greeted by their female companions who waited to see the catch they brought. As the bodies were laid out, the she-apes busied themselves to make the game attractive and more presentable. At least three rows(two composed of men and the other women) of bodies were displayed as trophies for the apes to be photgraphed and documented.

The remaining survivors were rounded up and divided. Nova and Ulysse were taken together to be sold to the Institute for Advanced Biological Study while Professor was sold to the simian city zoo.

Known Colony InhabitantsEdit

Human Status Position/Title


Nova's Father Unknown Leader of the Human Colony
Nova Alive Daughter of the Pack Leader
Ulysse Mérou Alive

Arthur Levain

Professor Antelle Alive