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Maurice 2
Biographical information
Species Orangutan
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Occupation Circus Ape (Formerly)

Inmate of the San Bruno Primate Shelter (Formerly)

Third-in-command of the Ape Army


Member of the Ape Council

Overseer of Caesar's Ape Colony

Family Unknown
Born Unknown
Continuity Movies (CE)
Actor Karin Konoval
First Appearance Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Last Appearance Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Maurice tells the humans to run for their lives.

Maurice is an altered orangutan and a former circus ape who resided at the San Bruno Primate Shelter with Cornelia, Rocket and Buck. He watched over Caesar and discovered his intelligence, hence learning about his ability to communicate with sign language. Seeing Caesar's potential, Maurice befriended him becoming Caesar's best and most trusted friend. During the Ape Rebellion, Maurice served as the second of Caesar's lieutenants, the first being Rocket. Over the next ten years, Maurice remains loyal to Caesar and serves as the colony's overseer and as a teacher to the new generation of apes.


Early LifeEdit

At some point, Maurice was an orangutan at a circus which is where he would learn the ability to communicate using sign language. Not much is known about anything further than that point and it is currently unknown what the cause of him being sent to the ape shelter is as he is shown to possess a rather kinder personality unlike the other apes there.

Rise of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Meeting CaesarEdit

When Caesar was first brought to the San Bruno Primate Shelter Maurice took an immediate interest in him noting that Caesar was different somehow and from a distance he watched as the chimpanzee struggled to fit in with his fellow apes. Maurice would then witness Caesar being beaten horribly by Rocket, the cruel alpha male of the shelter. He later watched as Caesar began to sulk in his cell over his time in the shelter. Through sign language, he asked Caesar if he was hurt bad, surprising Caesar as he had no idea another ape at the shelter knew sign language as well. Maurice then reveals to Caesar that he is a former circus orangutan and because the humans dislike smart apes he keeps it a secret from the shelter staff. This encounter relieved and lifted Caesar's spirits as he finally made a friend at the shelter and the two apes would be seen conversing with each other more often. 


One night, Maurice noticed Caesar escaping from his cell and heading to the play den. Later on he along with the other apes watched as Caesar along with his new friend Buck the gorilla threatened Rocket. After Caesar overthrew Rocket as Alpha, Maurice was puzzled as to why Caesar would later make Rocket give cookies (he stole from Dodge Landon) to all the apes in the facility. Maurice then asked Caesar his reason to having Rocket give the cookies to all the apes, Caesar replied that apes are weak separately but strong when together however, the pair soon saw two apes fight in the water which cause Maurice to point out the flaw by saying "Apes stupid". This comment unknowingly gave Caesar an idea and prompted him to return to his old home and steal canisters of Will's ALZ-113 drug and expose the other apes to it. After receiving the ALZ-113 overnight, Maurice was examined by Caesar who saw that he had new green eyes which showed his increased intelligence. Maurice nodded his head in thanks to Caesar for giving him new intelligence. Maurice is then seen with the other apes in the den as Caesar tells them of his plans to escape the shelter and head to the Muir Woods Park.


He would pay witness to Caesar's confrontation with Dodge Landon growing agitated as Caesar was shocked by the caretaker but would be relieved as the latter defeated the human and lock him in a cell. Maurice would be freed from his cell and escaped the shelter with Caesar and the other apes who would head for the outskirts of the city where Caesar divided his forces into two groups. Buck and other apes were tasked with freeing the captive apes in the San Francisco Zoo while Maurice and Rocket would aid Caesar in freeing their fellow apes at the at Gen-Sys Laboratories which would head for the city streets.

Ape LeaderEdit

With more apes in the army whose numbers rose to hundreds, Maurice became the third-in-command of Caesar's Army and the leader of the orangutans force. Later, in the city he and Buck were cornered by the police, but he used a manhole lid as a weapon to throw at one of the police cars, which caused it to crash into a small shop while Buck threw parking meter at another police car stopping it dead in it's tracks. The two would meet up with Caesar and Rocket as they used a trolley to travel to their next target the Golden Gate Bridge.

Battle on the bridgeEdit

Once at the Golden Gate Bridge, the apes caused massive chaos which made the humans flee in terror. This act would alert the police force and have them put the bridge on lockdown and a form a blockade to hold off the apes as they approached the bridge's center. However, Caesar anticipating this strategy and had his army stopped. Caesar ordered the new recruit Koba to take some chimpanzees up the high wires of the bridge to attack the police from above while Maurice, the other orangutans, and some of the chimpanzees were ordered by Caesar to attack from the bottom of the bridge supports. As he climbed beneath the bridge, Maurice had noticed a chimpanzee named Wolfie fall to his death after being shot down by the humans. This angered him to the point where he climbed faster to the bridge's center. While this was happening Caesar had the gorilla's use their strength to push a bus in the range of police bullets. With the police out of bullets the Caesar led his forces against the human forces causing a fierce battle. Now without any obstacles, Maurice and his group then join their brethren in the battle and manage to defeat the police blockade and celebrate in their victory against the humans. 

Freedom At LastEdit

The apes would then leave the bridge and head for the safety of Muir Woods Park, he and the other apes watched as Caesar said his final goodbyes to his adoptive human father Will Rodman. Afterwards, Caesar turned to walk to his favorite tree and turned around as Maurice and the others started to stand upright like Caesar, who climbed at the top of the tree where he was joined by Maurice and Rocket, who sat on adjacent trees overlooking the city of San Francisco which was now in utter chaos.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: FirestormEdit

Maurice serves as one of Caesar's commanders as the apes struggle for survival after the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. Caesar assigns him a group of apes to lead away from the humans while Rocket leads the second group while Caesar leads a third. When Cornelia begins talking about how different forest food is to jungle food, Maurice takes her side much to Caesar's annoyance. More To come...

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Creating a VillageEdit

Ten years later, Maurice has helped the other apes build a large thriving village in the Muir Woods Park where he has become an overseer and teacher to the young apes of the growing ape colony. Because of his role as a teacher many of the apes evolved or otherwise have learned how to use the ability of sign language as a way of communication. Maurice appears to have take on a lawgiver role teaching the others the "Ape not kill ape" law which is shown to be a serious warning to those that would dare break the colony's rules. He has earned himself a place in Caesar's Council of Apes (CE) and he has remained close friends with Caesar to the point where they view each other as brothers and to the point where Caesar's oldest son Blue Eyes sees Maurice as an uncle.

Discovering Human SurvivorsEdit

Maurice is first seen teaching the younger generation in the village after Caesar's hunting party returns. After the birth of Caesar's second son, Maurice sits with him and congratulates him. They then talk about the humans and how few they have seen in the past ten years. Maurice states that unlike Caesar, he never got to know the good side of humans, only the bad side. Maurice takes an immediate interest in Alexander's satchel (which was left behind following Carver's accidental attack on Ash). He is later seen fiddling with his new discovery while the other apes are shown arguing over what to do with the humans. He takes an active part in the meeting by disagreeing with Koba's wish to immediately attack the remaining humans, stating they do not know how many of them remain. Their argument would be interrupted by Caesar who says he has a more peaceful way to settle things with the humans. The next morning, Maurice would march into the city with his people as Caesar issues his warning of war to the humans if they dare enter ape territory again before returning the satchel

Interest in HumansEdit

Later on, Maurice and his students are in the woods watching over the humans as they all wake up. He looks through Alexander's comics as the human questions him if he can read to which the ape doesn't answer. Maurice later sits with Alexander and becomes fascinated by his comics and drawings, and begins to become sympathetic to the humans just as Caesar was to them as well. Maurice would then join his people when the humans go to work at the San Francisco Dam to restore power to the city and is question by Caesar as to where Koba had went. Later when the humans are in trouble at the dam Maurice and his friends help them escape from the area before they drown from the rising water flooding the building. Maurice would then witness Koba angrily walk in the building and attack the humans while demanding Caesar to come out. When Koba was about to attack Alexander, Maurice got in the way and protected his new human friend from the angry ape and would as Caesar nearly beats Koba to death for his insolence but stops himself by remembering the "Ape Not Kill Ape" law (as it is the first Law of Caesar).

Koba's UsurpationEdit

When the city of San Francisco has it's power restored, the apes and the humans would celebrate not just for the humans benefits but for the royal ape family when Cornelia suddenly walks out alive and well. The apes would continue to celebrate until the sound of gunshot is heard and Caesar's body falls from a tree branch much to the horror of his people. Along with that the Ape Village suddenly bursts into flames causing the apes to flee from their home as Koba comes out of nowhere taking up the mantle of Ape king by telling the apes that humans attacked and killed Caesar and burnt their homes. He then orders them to retaliate by killing humans while they are vulnerable. Maurice watching speaks by telling Malcolm and his family to run for their lives as the rowdy and angry apes take up arms and attack the city killing many humans.


Following the supposed death of Caesar, Koba and his army have seized control of San Francisco imprisoning any human survivor in cells due to wanting them to see the oppression of apes. Koba also imprisoned any ape who refuses to kill human and remain a loyal follower to Caesar on a bus right next to the humans cells, these apes imprisoned include Maurice, Rocket, Luca and others.

Restoring Caesar to PowerEdit

Maurice would later be visited by Blue Eyes who he warns to stay away for his own safety but the young ape refuses to leave and liberates his uncles before taking them back to Caesar. The assemble group joins blue eyes and returned to the Rodman House where they find their leader and friend Caesar alive telling them Koba's madness will end. Maurice would be a close witness to Caesar and Koba's fight as they battle for the title of the Ape king. When Koba gets hold of a gun and open fire on the other apes Maurice is injured by one of Koba's stray bullets gaining a scar in the process. For the rest of the battle he was shown being carried to safety by Blue Eyes and Rocket before watching as Caesar tackles Koba and leaves the bonobo hanging from the ledge of the Colony's building. The wounded Maurice watches as Caesar drops Koba to his death and would celebrate Caesar restoration to power before and join him in regrouping with the other apes. Maurice is then seen bowing down to Caesar along with the other apes awaiting the impending battle with the humans to come.


Rise of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Maurice is an orangutan that speaks very little. He is kind hearted and is the first to befriend Caesar after discovering that the chimp could also speak using sign language. He is also intelligent, wise and extremely loyal when it comes to his friends. When he is first introduced in the first film, he is shown to be cynical, gloomy, sceptical and extremely pessimistic. He is respectful to Caesar and admires his intelligence and ambition, and is keen to listen to Caesar's ideas. He is also the first that Caesar bonds with in captivity, since they both know sign language and have similar methods of thought.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

His curiosity towards Malcolm and his family prompts him to befriend Alexander, Malcolm's son who teaches him more about the human world by showing him a photo of his late mother and his book of drawings. The orangutan sees through his own eyes what some of the humans are like and that some can be trusted which sees his opinion matched with Caesar's that there is some good in humans. His new view of humans led to him warning Malcolm and his family to run for their lives during Koba's usurpation against Caesar as the alpha male of the apes.  

Moreover when Koba took power, Maurice was one of the few apes to stand against him and remain a loyal supporter to Caesar despite being imprisoned on a bus for his insolence. This shows that he is faithful only to his true leader and good friend as his loyalty was not tainted by thoughts of vengeance on the innocent humans during Koba's reign.


  • Animal Strength: Like all orangutans, Maurice is extremely powerful and strong, during the Ape Rebellion, he is shown to be strong enough to lift a manhole lid, and throw it at one of the police cars, which caused it to crash into a small shop.
  • Advanced Intelligence: Maurice, like many other apes of the San Bruno Primate Shelter was exposed to the ALZ-113 drug by Caesar who had decided to make the other apes intelligence in order for them to escape with him to freedom. Even before he was exposed to the ALZ-113, he had some level of intelligence, after Caesar arrived at the ape shelter, he was observing him and Maurice realize that Caesar is much more intelligent than a normal ape, after he was exposed to the ALZ-113, Maurice became much more intelligent than before, it is unknown how much his advanced intelligence and IQ has increased.
  • Sign Language: Like Caesar, Maurice knows American Sign Language. Maurice uses it as a way of communication, little is known about how or by who he learned it from, other then that he came from the circus. In Dawn, Maurice is shown teaching the young apes the basics of sign language in order for them to communicate proving that he is very skilled in teaching it to other apes as many apes either evolved or otherwise have learned the art from him and Caesar.
  • Expert Combatant: Due to him being the third-in-command of Caesar's Ape Army, Maurice is a capable fighter. As seen when the apes were battling the humans during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, Maurice was able to defeat many police officers before they were forced to retreat.
  • Expert Leader: Due to him being the third-in-command of the ape army, Maurice is a capable leader. During the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, he led the Orangutans and some of the Chimpanzees under the bridge in order to attack the police officers when their attention was focused on the other apes, this tactic was successful in obtaining victory.
  • Speech: Having inhaled the ALZ-113, Maurice like the other Evolved apes has gained the ability of speech. During Dawn, his only dialogue outside of sign language is one word, "Run" which was warning for Malcolm and his family to flee when Koba took power. It is unknown how well the rest of his English is.



Caesar is Maurice's best friend. Like Maurice, Caesar was locked up at the San Bruno Primate Shelter. Maurice took an interest in Caesar noting that he was different from the other chimpanzees at the shelter. He observed Caesar as he struggled to adjust to life with the other apes in the building and he watched from the sidelines as Caesar found himself in an unnecessary fight with the previous alpha, Rocket. After seeing what Caesar was capable of in terms of communication, Maurice decided to befriend the chimpanzee by asking (in sign language)how his wound, from his recent fight with Rocket felt. 
Caesar Wet

Caesar, Maurice's best friend, honorary brother and king.

This surprised Caesar as he had no idea that one of the apes in the facility could use sign language. This encounter led to a developing friendship as the two apes would be seen together more often talking about their respective views of apes. Maurice was also unknowingly the one who gave Caesar the idea to break into his foster parents' house and steal the ALZ-113 drug in order to make the other apes more intelligent. When seeing the apes the morning after, Caesar examined them and discovered that they had inherited the green eyes signifying their new intelligence. Maurice nodded at Caesar in gratitude for giving him this new intelligence and the two apes would later lead a rebellion taking place in San Francisco. Because of his close association with Caesar, Maurice became one of the commanders during the assault on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Over the next ten years, Maurice still remains loyal to Caesar and is one of his closest companions along with Rocket, Koba and Cornelia and serves as an honorary uncle to Caesar's sons. Also, Maurice served as a moral compass to both Caesar and Cornelia during the early days of their marriage. When Koba opened fire on the other apes he unintentionally shot Maurice which deeply angered Caesar as he turned to see his friend in pain causing him to tackle Koba and let him fall to deserved end.



Rocket, Maurice's fellow inmate and close friend.

Rocket is Maurice's close friend. Though they have little to no interaction, Maurice and Rocket seemed to be civil. Through a conversation he has with Caesar, Maurice sees Rocket as brutish and somewhat stupid as he asks why Caesar gave Rocket a cookie in order to bribe him. Caesar explains that apes that act alone are weak while apes that act together are strong.

As the years go by, Maurice and Rocket have become closer as Maurice is one of the teachers and honorary uncle to Rocket's son, Ash.

Despite limited interaction during the reappearance of the humans, Maurice and Rocket are together then they arrive on the scene after Ash is shot, Maurice shows great concern for Rocket and both agree with Caesar then the Alpha decides to going into the city to threaten the humans. Also, when Caesar's loyalists are caged by Koba, Rocket and Maurice are together in the same cage before being freed by Blue Eyes and taken to the Rodman House. During Caesar's fight with Koba, Maurice and Rocket watch, terrified as their friend fights their new enemy. When Maurice is shot by Koba, Rocket stays by his side along with Blue Eyes showing nothing but concern for his wounded friend. Afterwards, the two are then seen kneeling before Caesar before they go off to war with the human soldiers.


ASC Apes2 Cornelia FacePaint v6 12 21 12

Cornelia, Maurice's friend, fellow former inmate and Queen.

Cornelia is Maurice's friend. Despite not having any known interaction while they were in captivity, Maurice values Cornelia's input as seen when they were struggling to survive just days after the fight on the bridge. Maurice takes Cornelia's advice about finding food into stride much to the annoyance of Caesar. Maurice sees just how compatible Caesar and Cornelia as they are too much like each other and served as a moral compass towards the couple in the early days of their marriage.

Due to no interaction when the humans are rediscovered, Maurice does indirectly mention Cornelia during his conversation with Caesar in which congratulates Caesar over Milo's birth.

Blue EyesEdit

Blue Eyes is one of Maurice's students and honorary nephew. Being an old friend of Blue Eyes' parents Caesar and Cornelia, Maurice has watched Blue Eyes grow up and taught him along with other apes his age.
River Dawn

Blue Eyes, one of Maurice's students and honorary nephew.

He loves Blue Eyes like a son and is seen to be openly concerned for his welfare as seen when Blue Eyes finds him and Rocket locked up for defying Koba. Maurice tells Blue Eyes to look after himself and to be careful. When Caesar orders Blue Eyes to free any apes who have refused to follow Koba, Maurice is one of the first apes to be freed when Blue Eyes pulls the metal bars off one of the windows of their prison. Blue Eyes then takes Maurice and the other rebels back to Caesar at the Rodman House before they head off to confront Koba. Maurice are together then Caesar fights Koba. When Maurice is accidentally injured when Koba opens fire on Caesar during the fight, Blue Eyes, horrified, tends to him.



Ash, one of Maurice's students and honorary nephew.

Ash was one of Maurice's students and honorary nephew. Being an old friend of Ash's father Rocket, Maurice has watched Ash grow up and taught him along with other apes his age. Like Blue Eyes and Milo, Maurice sees ash as one of his honorary nephews shown when he expressed concern for the young ape after he "accidentally" got shot by the human Carver.


210px-Infant wanders

Milo, Maurice's honorary nephew.

Milo is Caesar's second son thereby making him Maurice's honorary nephew due to him being a close friend of the infant's father. Though he doesn't have any direct interaction with the infant in the time of his birth, Maurice happily congratulates Caesar on the birth of his second son.


Alexander is Maurice's human friend and mentor. When Alexander accidentally drops his satchel in the forest after the humans' first confrontation with Caesar and his apes, Maurice retrieves Alexander's bag on Caesar's orders.
Alexander and Maurice engaged in their book

Maurice learns from his human friend, Alexander.

He later goes through it while the council are arguing over what is to be done about Ash's shooting and discovers the photo of a young Alexander with his late mother. Later, Maurice and a group of his young students encounter Alexander asleep at Malcolm's campsite where they sit and watch Alexander who awakes, holding his book. Later, Maurice meets up with Alexander alone and sits with him as he learns how to read from the teenager. When Koba threatens Alexander and his father in the dam control room, Maurice steps in to protect them, shaking his head as a clear threat to the bonobo to leave them alone.


Koba was Maurice's good friend turned enemy. Their first known interaction was about a week after the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, according to the prequel novel, Firestorm. Koba offers Maurice some food to which the orangutan is thankful. Koba notices that Maurice is slightly standoffish towards him but remembers everyone is like this around him.
Koba in Ape Village

Koba, Maurice's former friend and enemy.

When Koba calls the gorillas "Caterpillars" because they aren't intelligent like them, Maurice scolds him for using the term and reminds him that the gorillas might not be as intelligent as them, they are still their fellow apes and require just as much respect as the other apes do. After returning from the human colony, Koba becomes frustrated with Maurice's lack of stomach to fight (blaming it on his fruitarian diet) and his persistence on having patience. When Koba prepared to attack the humans Alexander and Malcolm, Maurice stepped in to defend them from him, shaking his head as if to threaten him from harming his new friends. Following Koba's takeover, Maurice remains loyal to Caesar, and is imprisoned by Koba for doing so. During Koba's final confrontation with Caesar, Koba accidentally wounds Maurice when he opens fire on Caesar.



Luca, Maurice's friend.

Luca is Maurice's good friend not much is known about their relationship due to their limited interaction, they appear to be on good terms as they are both members in Caesar's Ape Council. When Koba overthrew Caesar both Maurice and Luca were imprisoned for their loyalty to Caesar only to be freed by Blue Eyes. The two worked together to bring Caesar back to power and intently watched as Koba and Caesar battled for supremacy of the ape colony. Later, Koba taking a gun opened fire on the apes with many being killed or gravely wounded Maurice being one of the many injured. As Maurice was being tended to by Blue Eyes and other Luca is seen nearby looking at the wounded Orangutan showing that he possesses concern for his friend's life and both watched as Caesar put an end to Koba's reign. The two were later seen as Caesar took back his place as leader of the apes and both look to him for answers as the apes prepared for war against the humans.


Malcolm watches Alexander and Maurice

Malcolm, Maurice's human friend.

Malcolm is another one Maurice's new human friends. Having befriended Alexander, Maurice becomes friendly with the boy's father shown when they both in step in to protect Alexander from Koba who is angry with Caesar for "choosing" the humans over the apes. Maurice shakes his head at Koba as a warning to back off which greatly displeases Koba. When Koba usurped Caesar and prepared to launch an attack on the other humans in San Francisco, Maurice speaking (for the first time) tells Malcolm and his family to run for their lives.



  • There are many postings on Karin Konoval's official public Facebook page that tell about her experiences getting to know real life orangutans. Konoval later confirmed that Maurice was based on "fiesty" Bruno from the Los Angeles Zoo, on the "heart and soul" of Towan from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and on Clyde the walking orangutan.[1]
  • Karin Konoval had to wear weights as part of her motion capture suit.
  • To celebrate one million likes on the official Apes Facebook page, Matt Reeves made a congratulatory video for the page. In the background on the editing monitors behind Reeves were a series of completed stills of Caesar and Maurice in the editing program.
  • At CinemaCon, Maurice was seen in the footage that was shown.
  • In an interview at CinemaCon, Andy Serkis mentioned that Maurice would act as a school teacher to the younger apes and that Maurice might be able to speak English. From what Serkis mentioned, Maurice helped Caesar teach many of the apes how to use sign language as a way of communication.
  • Maurice had brief appearances in the footage at CinemaCon. He appeared to be sad in some of the shots.
  • Maurice made a brief appearance at the beginning of Dawn's first TV spot. He was on Caesar's left when the apes were preparing for war at the beginning of the spot. He was not wearing warpaint.
  • Maurice, Rocket, Luca, and other apes who are loyal to Caesar and refuse to kill unarmed humans were caged and held prisoner by Koba.
  • Maurice was the third known ape to speak in the Chernin Entertainment PotA franchise. In Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, he told the humans in the Ape Village to leave when Koba took over with only one word, "Run".
  • Maurice received a scar on the top of his right cheek after Koba fired at him, Blue-Eyes, Rocket and Luca.

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