Mathias is the leader of Human Resistance after the death of Jonah and the brother of Nova.

After the human settlement of Bosko had been attacked by Ursus gorillas, Nova and Ulysses fled to Mathias' home. From here, Ulysses set out on his various missions: to speak to Professor Cornelius about his project, to rescue the captured resistance leader Jonah, to recover the missing silver artifact and to visit the underground bunker of the last leaders of humanity at the Pentagon. Although Mathias told Ulysses, when Jonah was captured, that Jonah would want him to become the new leader in his absence, when Ulysses brought back news of Jonah's death he insisted that Mathias was the rightful leader of the resistance. After having discovered the Akanite humans in their vast underground bunker, Ulysses sent Mathias to forge an alliance between the resistance and the Akanites, while he went to Ape City to rescue Nova. The end result was that Ulysses and Nova were allowed to leave the city unharmed and stay far away from the city for the rest of their lives, but unbeknownst to the Ape leadership, the human forces were now led by Mathias and were already massed outside the city in a show of strength ready to attack.



  • Planet of the Apes (video game)

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