Aside from the Planet of the Apes weekly U.K. comic, Marvel Comics' Planet of the Apes Magazine was reprinted in many overseas markets including numerous foreign-language translations. German reprints (Planet der Affen) featured full-process colourised versions of the movie adaptations (much more effective than the four-colourisation used in Adventures on the Planet of the Apes), but the German run ended abruptly at issue #13, two chapters into the Escape from the Planet of the Apes adaptation. While the German issues also included translations of the original stories such as Terror, these remained in black & white. Mexican issues (El Planeta de los Simios), some with altered covers, reprinted the magazine material, but used their own four-colourisation on both the movie adaptations and on Marvel's original stories - the only colourised versions of those stories. French reprints (Planete des Singes) included Doc Savage stories, and featured a number of specially-created cover paintings. Other reprints in Australia (published by Newton Comics), Spain (El Planeta de los Monos), Italy (Il Planeta delle Scimmie), Brazil (Planeta dos Macacos), Portugal (Planeta dos Macacos), The Netherlands (Apen Planeet), Sweden (Apornas Planet) and Finland (Apinoiden Planeetta), used straight-forward copies or translations with only minor adjustments.

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