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Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Architect (formerly)

Co-founder of the San Francisco Human Colony

Leader of his Group

Family Rita (first wife; deceased)

Alexander (son)

Ellie (second wife)

Sarah (step-daughter; deceased)

Continuity Movies (CE)
Actor Jason Clarke
First Appearance Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Last Appearance Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I've seen things, I've seen the way they are, they want what we want, to survive.
Malcolm to Dreyfus about the apes

Malcolm is a former architect and the leader of a small group of humans who come in contact with Caesar's colony of apes. He is the husband of Ellie and the father of Alexander. Upon meeting Caesar, Malcolm becomes his human counterpart.


Early LifeEdit

Malcolm was married to a woman named Rita and had a son with her, Alexander. At some point, Malcolm worked as an Architect. When humanity fell victim to the Simian Flu, Malcolm befriended former major and police chief, Dreyfus and together they founded the San Francisco Human Colony but this came with a price. Rita became infected with the Simian Flu and died, leaving Malcolm a widower and a father forced to raise their then five-year-old son alone. As time wore on, Malcolm struggled to raise Alexander by himself as the boy grew older. At some point, Malcolm met and later married a nurse named Ellie and formed a makeshift family with her, not knowing that she too had lost her own family including her young daughter, Sarah.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Malcolm is the co-leader of the human colony residing in San Francisco. He appears when one of his men, Carver accidentally shoots a young chimpanzee, Ash out of fear. This act had the other apes rush to their aid upon seeing how Caesar organized his people Malcolm told the apes they don't mean any harm while one member of his group criticizes for talking to the apes Malcolm retorted if they look like "just apes". Malcolm had his group put their guns down as a sign of good will. Caesar, looks at the humans intently before yelling in (English) "Goooooo!!!" horrified Malcolm is forced to tell his group to run for their lives when they are yelled at by the other apes,knowing better then to argue.

More to come…


Like Ellie, Malcolm is kind and wants to protect the apes. As time goes on, Malcolm comes to realise that if the apes are threatened, they won't hesitate to call for war.

As a father and husband, Malcolm is very protective of what remains of his family. His desire for peace is what drives him to befriend ape king, Caesar who is also the father to a teenage son and the husband of a wife he adores. Malcolm's love for Alexander is strong despite the relationship being strained from the years of struggling to survive.




Caesar, Malcolm's first good ape friend and ape counterpart.

Caesar is Malcolm's first good ape friend. Malcolm's first couple of encounters with Caesar don't go down well. When Caesar's nephew, Ash is shot, Caesar screams at the humans to leave the forest. Malcolm doesn't argue with him and tells his group to run for it. Later, Malcolm encounters Caesar close up when the Ape king takes his army into the city as a show of strength and threatens war if the humans cross into the Apes' territory again and tells his son, Blue Eyes to return Alexander's bag to Malcolm. Despite being told not to defy Caesar's orders to stay away, Malcolm ventures into the forest and into the village where he is taken by the Gorillas to Caesar for judgement for breaking his orders. Malcolm quickly explains the humans' situation to him and Caesar allows him and his group passage to the dam only under one condition; the group's weapons are to be handed to the apes and destroyed. As time goes on, Malcolm and Caesar form a very brotherly-like relationship. After Malcolm and several of his men become trapped in the inner workings of the dam, Caesar, Rocket, Maurice and Blue Eyes help get them out. Malcolm thanks Caesar personally because if it wasn't for him, Malcolm and his group would have died. The two fathers watch as their families interact. Only this is cut short when Caesar's youngest son wander over to a box of supplies and uncovers a hidden weapon. Caesar, furious that he has been lied to, threatens the humans with the weapon before throwing it over the dam wall.

Malcolm, with Ellie in tow go to Caesar's home to apologize for Carver's behaviour and see that Caesar's wife, Cornelia is sick. Malcolm begs Caesar to let Ellie help but Caesar, still seething from the events at the dam, tells them he doesn't trust them. Ellie, then attempts to plead her own case to Caesar. Caesar, desperate for a way to save his wife, agrees to have Ellie heal her but not before dismissing Malcolm. Later, Caesar accompanies Malcolm, Ellie and a couple of their men into the city where they witness the power returning to the city. Caesar listens to the music for a moment and shakes Malcolm's hand before allowing them to enter the village to celebrate. There, Malcolm like everyone else is surprised to see Cornelia emerge, healthy, a sign that Ellie's help has in fact saved her life. Malcolm is a witness to Caesar's shooting and is told to run for his life by Maurice as he and his group have been framed for the crime by Koba. Malcolm, Ellie and Alexander find Caesar's body in the forest but are quick to realize he is still alive. They take him, on his request, to his old childhood home at the Rodman house. Once there, a weak Caesar tells Malcolm that it was Koba that shot him, not Carver. Malcolm urges Ellie to operate but she tells him that they don't have any supplies with them and there were some at their old home. Later, Malcolm finds a restless Caesar in the attic, which was once his room and asks who the man in the video Caesar had been watching was and Caesar tells him he was a good man, like him. Malcolm then asks Caesar about Blue Eyes' whereabouts and that it had been two days since he left to rescue Maurice and Rocket. After their return, Malcolm follows Caesar into battle. Once Koba has been defeated, Caesar tells Malcolm to take his family and to go to safety as the humans will never forgive the apes for starting the war.

Blue EyesEdit

An injured River speaks with his father

Blue Eyes, Malcolm's second good ape friend and the ape counterpart of his son, Alexander.

Blue Eyes is Malcolm's second good ape friend. After meeting Caesar, Malcolm is introduced to Blue Eyes, Caesar's own teenage son. At first, Malcolm and Blue Eyes seem to be wary of each other. When Malcolm and his team become trapped in the inner workings of the dam, Blue Eyes helps get them out. Later, Blue Eyes sits watching as Malcolm and Ellie plead with Caesar to allow them to help Cornelia who has become very sick. Later, Blue Eyes watches as the humans celebrate with the apes when they have had the power restored to the city. Blue Eyes, distraught over his father's apparent murder, his uncle Koba's betrayal and his best friend Ash's death at Koba's hand, finds Malcolm in his old apartment and aims a gun at the human but hesitates to kill him. Malcolm successfully manages to talk him around and he lowers the gun. Malcolm then proceeds to tell him that his father is still alive and in hiding. Blue Eyes, not sure what to believe, follows Malcolm to the Rodman house where he is reunited with his father, seeing that Malcolm had been telling the truth. Malcolm voices his concern to Caesar about Blue Eyes' whereabouts when Caesar sends his son out to rescue the rebel apes but is relieved to see him once he returns.


Alexander Ape

Alexander, Malcolm's son.

Alexander is Malcolm's teenage son. After losing his first wife, Malcolm struggles to raise his son alone. Having been raised in a world where it appears to be ending, it is the only thing Alexander comes to know. Alexander appears with his father in the forest when they go running to Carver who has accidentally shot a young chimpanzee, Ash in the shoulder. On the rush to get out of the forest, Alexander drops his bag. Back in the city, Malcolm asks if he's okay and Alexander comments that he's upset he lost his bag which contains his sketchbook. Malcolm hesitantly allows Alexander to go with him and Ellie when they go to talk to the apes. When Malcolm goes to talk to Caesar, Alexander waits in the car with Ellie and their men. Later, father and son are together then they are rescued by Caesar and his apes when the dam threatens to explode. Later, Malcolm shields Alexander when he is assaulted by Koba in the dam control room. Father and son then watch in complete horror as Koba and Caesar get into a fight when Koba berates the Ape king over his compassion for the humans saying they mean more to the Ape king then his own sons. During the celebration in the Ape Village, Malcolm, Alexander and Ellie view the their handiwork as they witness the light returning to the city. After Caesar is shot by a hidden Koba, Malcolm and Alexander along with Ellie come across Caesar's body in the forest before realizing he's still alive. They then take the Ape king by car to his old childhood home. Once at the house, Alexander finds a photo of a young Caesar and a man (Will) and shows it to Malcolm who realizes this was where Caesar was raised and the main reason for his compassion and sympathy towards them.


Ellie is Malcolm's second wife. After the death of his wife, Malcolm enters into a relationship with a former nurse and war journalist. He later marries her making her the step-mother of his son, Alexander.
Ellie and Malcolm watch Alexander and Maurice

Malcolm with Ellie, his second wife.

More to come…


Malcolm confronts Dreyfus

Malcolm, and his boss Dreyfus.

Dreyfus was Malcolm's boss. Whom Malcolm works very closely with. They have very different views on how the apes should be handled.

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Carver, a former member of Malcolm's Group.

Carver was a former member of Malcolm's Group.

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Koba was Malcolm's ape enemy. Unlike Caesar whom Malcolm gets along with well, Malcolm did not get along with Koba at all, due to the bonobo's views on humans.
Koba snarls at Malcolm & Alexander

Koba, Malcolm's ape enemy.

When Koba pushes Alexander, Malcolm defends his son. Koba threatens to kill the two before being stopped by Maurice.

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Maurice is Malcolm's third good ape friend. When Malcolm and Alexander are about to be killed by Koba, Maurice steps in to protect them.
Maurice protects Malcolm & Alexander

Maurice, Malcolm's third good ape friend and protector.

When Koba set the Ape Village on fire, Maurice immediately told the humans to run, knowing the humans aren't to blame.



  • Jason Clarke who will play Malcolm in the film has said that Malcolm will "go on a journey with Caesar and find his inner ape".
  • It has been said that Malcolm will be an architect.
  • Malcolm will have a new wife which may cause tension between him and his son.
  • Malcolm will share scenes with Caesar's son, Blue Eyes.
  • Malcolm is not the brother of Will as the second TV spot has Malcolm asking Caesar who the man in the video is and Caesar replies "A good man like you" indicating that they aren't related as Malcolm doesn't recognize him.
  • As seen in Dawn's first official featurette, there is a small piece of behind-the-scenes footage where Jason Clarke (Malcolm) is being attacked by one of the ape actors, who appears to be Toby Kebbell (Koba). It can be indicated by this footage that Malcolm will get into some type of altercation with Koba, during the film at some point. However, a later featurette revealed that the ape actor that is seen dragging Jason through the mud isn't Toby but Terry Notary who plays Rocket.
  • In the newest TV spot, it is revealed that Malcolm journeys with Caesar to his old home, the Rodman House. Joining Caesar in the attic which use to be the chimp's old bedroom, he watches as Caesar views a video recorded by Will about 15 years earlier and asks who the man in the video is. Caesar, not wanting to explain who it is just tells him that the man (Will) was a good man like Malcolm.
  • There is a shot in the newest domestic and international trailers where Caesar is holding Malcolm the same way he held Will in Rise.
  • When Malcolm calls for Caesar, it is very similar to the scene in Rise where Will calls for Caesar during the fight on the bridge. The scene was cut from the film but may appear in the deleted scenes on the DVD and Blu-Ray or even appear in an extended version of the movie.
  • There is a strong possibility that Malcolm tells someone (possibly Alexander) about Caesar and explains how the virus made the apes evolve. This is a reference from the most recent TV spot of a voice-over (Jason Clarke) explaining the history of the Simian Flu and how it involves Caesar.
  • According to an article by DigitalSpy, Malcolm and Alexander will co-star in an upcoming six-part comic series that takes place between Rise and Dawn in which they must find a way to cure Malcolm's dying wife, Rita from the Simian Flu.

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