What its over?… I was just getting ready to make my move.
— Limbo

Limbo is an orangutan supporting antagonist turned protagonist in the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie.


Limbo was an orangutan trader of human slaves who was placed in charge of Leo, Daena, Karubi and the other captives. Limbo was cheap and shrewd in business practices. When negotiating the price for a newly captured group of humans, he joked of the humans having lice. Limbo figured he would have to make his money on volume selling with such poor specimens. As a creature of wit, Limbo created a variety of interesting one liners for the movie. When new humans arrived at his training compound he instructed his gorilla guards to "Get them out and get them clean". If only his assistant would remember to wear his gloves while dealing with humans, sanitation conditions would be better. Limbo gave a human child to General Thade as a gift for Thade's Niece. Such a kickback to someone in power was a cost of doing business to Limbo. Later he tried to recapture the escaped slaves but was taken prisoner by them and forced to accompany them to the wreck of the Oberon. Limbo learned what it was like to be a slave and to be human. By the movie's end Limbo pondered a future world of trade with humans as he was not a principled ape, and while he was happy with the old order, he would adapt to any situation where he could make money.



  • Limbo "was supposed to turn into a good guy. There was supposed to be this touching personal growth thing at the end," Paul Giamatti reflected. "But Tim and I both thought that was kind of lame so we decided to just leave him as a jerk into the end."[1]


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