Trapped in a brutal world, ruled by savage apes...


The "Land of the Apes" DVD movie consists of two "Lost World" episodes placed together in the format of a movie. Whilst the movie has nothing to do with the Planet of the Apes franchise itself, the format and style of the DVD clearly imitates the Apes series.


Five explorers find themselves in a world ruled by an horrific tribe of half humans. Terrorized and threatened with capture and certain death they put their faith in a beautiful young native girl to keep the Apemen at bay.

However, with difficult and revealing times ahead, intelligence and humanity are not all that they appear to be...

Primary Cast:

  • Peter McCauley as Professor George Challenger
  • Rachel Blakely as Marguerite Krux
  • David Orth as Ned Malone
  • William Snow as Lord John Roxton
  • Jennifer O'Dell as Veronica / Abigail Layton
  • Michael Sinelnikoff as Professor Arthur Summerlee


The Lost World: Land Of The Apes

This is in fact nothing to do with Planet of the Apes at all, but the title, logo and taglines are clearly in the style of the Apes stories. In reality this DVD movie release consists of two episodes of 'The Lost World', a TV show version of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel that ran between 1999 and 2002. These two episodes, from series one (1999-2000), are sandwiched together as a movie-length episode, in much the same way as episodes of the Planet of the Apes TV series were in 1981. As with those TV movies, the casual viewer is thrown into the scenario without the benefit of the opening episodes to set up the storyline. To highlight the attempts to mimic the Planet of the Apes, it should be pointed out that the 'apes' featured are actually primitive, un-evolved ape-humans, who rather than 'ruling' the prehistoric plateau the explorers are trapped on, are just a tribe that sometimes attack and raid the explorer's camp.

The movie can be divided into the two different episodes: in the first half (the episode 'Nectar'), a giant bee attacks and stings one of the explorers. The only hope for his survival is for his colleagues to enter the giant beehive and steal the nectar of the Queen Bee. meanwhile, they must prepare for an apeman attack on their treehouse sanctuary. In the second half (the episode 'Unnatural Selection'), they rescue a young woman from a band of apemen. They discover that her father is an English scientist researching genetic experimentation. He has been tinkering with the DNA of both apemen and humans.



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