Joe Canutt is an American actor and stuntman. A frequent stunt double for Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur, Soylent Green, Earthquake, The Last Hard Man), he worked as stunt coordinator on Planet of the Apes, in which he also played the primitive human who fought with Taylor after he had destroyed the words Taylor had scrawled in the dirt floor of their stockade.[1]


  • "I remember one day we'd been working very hard, running around in the thickets and so on, jumping over bushes, and then I had to go back, I was president of the Screen Actors Guild then, and I had to leave early because I was going to do some negotiations. And I said to Joe Canot [sic], who doubled me on all that stuff, I said 'Joe, could you do these last two setups for me?' He said 'No'. I said, 'What do you mean, Joe? No, why no?' He said, 'You've been working all day in poison ivy.' I said, 'No kidding?' He siad, 'You'll find out tomorrow.' I did." - Charlton Heston.[2]
  • "July 19, 1967 - Another long day sloshing around inside that space capsule, gargling my lines through torrents of water spraying in from off camera. It occurs to me that there's hardly been a scene in this bloody film in which I've not been dragged, choked, netted, chased, doused, whipped, poked, shot, gagged, stoned, leaped on, or generally mistreated. As Joe Canutt said, setting up one of the fight shots, "You know Chuck, I can remember when we used to win these things." - Charlton Heston.[3]

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