Jason was a high-ranking gorilla who lived in Central City. He was a trusted lieutenant to Urko. Urko sent him on a mission to search for the fugitive humans, with orders to take them alive, but to shoot them if they tried to escape - and Urko expected them to try. He travelled to the town of Kaymak, where Barlow was Prefect, where he discovered that Virdon had been captured but Burke had just escaped with Galen. He hatched a plan to lure Burke into trying to rescue Virdon. When they were helped in their escape by two of the local humans, Jason tried to stop them but Tolar, the elder human, attacked him and both died from gunshots. Barlow did little to help Jason, but sent a report of his valiant death to Urko.


  • Jason wears the uniform of the rank of "lieutenant".
  • Jason's death may have been the reason for Barlow's transfer to the village of Venta.

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