Jacqueline Scott is an actress featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. Having previously appeared in The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and many Westerns such as Gunsmoke and Bonanza, she guest-starred in the episode "The Good Seeds" as Zantes. “I had done other shows for casting director Marvin Paige, and when he told me about 'Planet of the Apes', I thought it would be a nice change from Westerns. But when I read the script, it said, "The humans come over a hill, and they see a farmhouse"! Well, I screamed! “Oh, my gosh! I’m going to play an ape farmwife!” They had about seven makeup men, and they were the best. They had to blend the makeup and appliances into your skin, and lay hair on your face and hands. The most difficult thing was that the makeup guys were hysterically funny, but once they started putting your mask on, you couldn’t laugh or else you would ruin it. Other people ripped off their masks; it psyched them out. Your first instinct was to stretch your face and mouth, and pull the mask loose from your face. But that was the worst thing you could do, because then the mask would just flop around on your face all day. It was definitely a challenge, but as an actress, I loved that. You had to find different ways of moving and expressing yourself. Marvin told me that the two actresses who dealt with the makeup best were Beverly Garland and me. When some of the crew said how pretty I looked, I knew they had been on the show too long!”[1]

Scott returned in "The Surgeon" episode as ape physician Dr. Kira. “That was a wonderful show; I played Roddy’s fiancee. She would have been a recurring character had the series continued. They didn't do more shows because the makeup was so expensive. The nice thing is that the episodes aren't dated. They’ll go on forever, and children will love them.”[1]

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