The Institute for Advanced Biological Study is a simian research facility dedicated to the study of man and biological science.

History Edit

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Ulysse and Nova was sold to the Institute to partake in experiments on the study of man. Ulysse made himself stand out amongst the captives for being the most capable and intelligent man. Nova was given as his mate and for nearly a month he was content to live his life in relative ease with little responsibility. However after thinking how his master Antelle would say if he saw him living life an animal, it prompt the reporter to communicate with Zira. Once he revealed his true nature to him she tutored him in the simian language the simian way of life. After three months Ulysse was released and was recognized as a intelligent being by the Grand Council. He continued to remain at the Institute as a collaborator in the study of man. For a month he attempted to teach his former comrades to speak, having little success save for his former mate Nova.

Later his comrade Professor Antelle was transferred here, but all attempts to invoke his human spirit were effortless, and was consigned to remain as an animal.

List of Characters Edit


  • Zaius
  • Zira
  • Cornelius
  • Helius
  • Zoram
  • Zanam

Behavioral Studies Edit

Directed by Zira this ward concentrates on the behavioral habits of man. Experiments such as Pavlov's work, and tool-se are conducted here.

Test Subjects Edit

  • Ulysse Mérou: Was a resident at the Institute and was regarded as the most intelligent man in the Institute.
  • Nova: Ulysse's mate, protege and the mother of Soror's race of new men. She was by far the most intelligent human specimen in the Institute save for her husband and child.
  • Sirius: The son of Nova and Ulysse and the first of a race of new men.
  • Professor Antelle: Once a celebrity scientist on Earth his time in the Soror zoo has regressed him to animals state. He remained interned at the Institute by Ulysse's wishes.
  • Antelle's Mate: A young girl that connected with Antelle, becoming his mate at the zoo, later she was transferred to the Institute for Antelle's benefit.
  • Colossus: When Ulysse refused to mate with Nova, Zaius took her away and gave her to this man to invoke jealousy and force him to comply.
  • Old Matron: She was given to Ulysse to replace Nova when he refused to cooperate.

Encephalic Section Edit


Directed by Helius, this is where chimpanzee scientists perform certain extremely tricky operations on the brain: grafting; observation and alteration of the nervous centers; partial and even total ablation. All the surgical operations, were now performed on subjects who had been put to sleep, which the apes stressed the high degree which the simian civilization was at pains to suppress all useless suffering, even in men. However such talk is could be considered hypocritical as the very experiments conducted, are in fact, aimed at making a study of pain and localize the nerve centers from which it derives. Under this pretense of eliminating suffering in a lesser lfe such as man, it has allowed the simian scientists to conduct various grotesque and immoral experiments upon men and women of all ages.

Experiments Edit

  1. A young handsome man who as a result of partial ablation of the frontal brain left him unable to recognize his favorite food until in direct contact. Since then he has been continuously in this state and has to be fed by force.
  2. A man whose whole zone of the occipital area had been removed. He could no longer distinguish the distance or shape of objects, a disability he manifested by a series of disorganized gestures whenever a nurse approached him. He was incapable of avoiding a stick placed in his path. On the other hand, a piece of fruit held out to him inspired him with alarm and he tried to draw away from it in terror. He could not grasp the bars of his cage and made grotesque attempts to do so, closing his fingers on empty air.
  3. A man who according to Helius was once a remarkable subject. The apes succeeded in training him to an astonishing degree. He answered to his name and, to a certain extent, obeyed simple orders. He had solved fairly complicated problems and learned how to use rudimentary tools. After the extraction of his temporal lobules he has forgotten all his education. He does not know his name. He cannot perform the slightest trick. He has become the stupidest of all the men in the institute.
  4. A young mother whose maternal instinct—once highly developed had completely disappeared after she was subjected to a surgical experiment that caused interference with the cervical cortex. She kept pushing away her young child whenever it attempted to approach her.
  5. A man subjected to electrical stimulation through his leg. The current caused his leg to jerk up at each electric shock, then stretched it out again as soon as the current was switched off.
  6. A man subjected to electrical stimulation through his arm. The current caused his arm to jerk up at each electric shock, then stretched it out again as soon as the current was switched off.
  7. A man subjected to electrical stimulation through his shoulder. The current caused his shoulder to jerk up at each electric shock, then stretched it out again as soon as the current was switched off.
  8. A very young boy, whose jaw muscles that was brought in play. When the current turned on his jaws started champing, endlessly champing, with a ghastly grin on his face, while the rest of his adolescent body remained motionless.
  9. A young girl where the electric current is directed to her face and kept on for a prolonged period, causing her fingers of her left hand to move. Later the movements of the fingers became frenzied and gradually the wrist started twitching. A moment later and it was the forearm, then the upper arm and shoulder. The twitching presently spread, on the one hand to the hip, the thigh, and the leg all the way down to the toes, on the other to the muscles of the face. After ten minutes the whole of the wretched girl's left side was shaken by convulsive spasms, a dreadful sight, growing more and more rapid and more and more violent.
  10. A man through electrical impulses into the brain allows him to talk like a parrot. The man gave snatches of words and conversations he had heard in captivity.
  11. A woman subjected to a combination of physico-chemical processes has awakened her not only her own individual memory but the memory of the species. Under electrical impulse her recollections go back to an extremely distant line of ancestors: atavistic memories reviving a past several thousands of years old. The list of her ancestral memories are as followed:
    • A woman who was driven from her home by her gorilla servant after he began to make demands from her. She moved to the camps outside the city with other several exiled women
    • A doctor who had discovered a cure for cancer and was about to test the formula out on his chimpanzee, George, but instead was taken captive by his apes and subjected to the cancer drug. He managed to escape but live in isolation on the outskirts of the city, presumably dying of the cancer.
    • A lady animal tamer who used to do an act with a dozen orangutans, but found herself in a cage along with her circus crew. She adjusted quickly to her situation, performing tricks, walking on all fours, doing somersaults, in exchange for having all her responsibilities handed to her former animals.