The relationships of Grey from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.

Friends and AlliesEdit


Caesar's low tolerance against Koba's defiance

Caesar, Grey's king.

Caesar is Grey's enemy turned king

It is shown that Grey wasn't very loyal to Caesar as he was a firm follower of Koba and did not hesitate to aid the bonobo in overthrowing Caesar on the orders of his self-appointed leader Koba. Grey is also terrified of Caesar as he did not try to stop Caesar when he was horribly beating Koba for his insolence because of his views towards humans. He was very shocked to see Caesar alive and well when the latter was confronting Koba, Grey moved aside allowing Koba and Caesar to battle, paying witness to the two apes battle for supremacy and did not try to intervene.

Later on when an explosion destroyed some of the tower, Grey became trapped under debris and was left there by his leader who selfishly pulled out a gun and opened fire on the other apes. Caesar would then defeat Koba and free Grey from beneath the debris and Grey became a loyal follower to Caesar, shown at the end of the battle when he and other apes hold Malcolm at gunpoint but left him be at Caesar's orders, and is seen with the other apes bowing down to Caesar signifying his new-found loyalty to his king.



Stone, Grey's friend.

Stone was a friend of Grey as they both shared Koba's ideals and not Caesar's.

They both cooperated well together and stood side by side in nervous anticipation when Koba was caught in the act by the two human guards.



Koba snarls 3

Koba, Grey's former friend, self-appointed leader now enemy.

Koba was Grey's friend turned enemy.

During, the events of Dawn they were always seen together and it was shown that Grey held a deep respect for the bonobo to the point of seeing him as the leader of his group along with Stone. Despite Grey's respect for Koba, he did not try to help him when Caesar was beating him. However, he was willing to aid Koba in overthrowing Caesar and destroying the ape village in order for Koba to take up the mantle of Ape King for himself. Grey later took part in Koba's attack on the human shelter in San Francisco and would become his right hand ape after the battle.

When Caesar turned out to be alive and well, Grey moved aside as Koba engaged Caesar in battle and watched as the two apes battle for power. When an explosion occurred and destroyed some of the tower, Grey became trapped under a boulder and was approached by Koba who noticed him and lifted the boulder off Grey, only to grab a gun and drop the boulder back on Grey. Grey would then witness Koba's demise by the hands of Caesar. It is unknown how he reacted to Koba's death, but the betrayal by his hands most likely led to Grey turning abandoning his allegiance to Koba and become a follower of Caesar.



Red, Grey's comrade, turned enemy and killer.

Red is Grey's comrade turned enemy and killer.

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