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Girl Pet

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Girl Pet
Girl Pet
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Planet of the Apes - Reimagined
Actor Allie Habberstad
First Appearance Planet of the Apes (2001)
Last Appearance Planet of the Apes (2001)

The Girl Pet was one of many humans held captive by orangutan human-trader Limbo. She was captured in the same hunt as Leo Davidson, Daena, and their colleagues. General Thade visited Limbo's compound with his sister and his niece in order to purchase a pet human for the young chimpanzee. The girl was kept in a large cage in the chimpanzee's bedroom. When Leo and Daena led a breakout from the Ape City, they stumbled upon the caged girl and freed her. Realizing they had placed her in danger, they then handed her over to Bon, the servant of Ari, to keep hidden.

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