Gebâ is the head of the ape police force. He holds a personal grudge against Gôdo, initially it's not clear why but it is later revealed that he holds Gôdo responsible for the deaths of his wife and son. Encouraged by the local District Leader, he invades Gôdo's Green Mountain stronghold and captures him. He is prevented from executing him by Cabinet Minister Bippu and later tries to murder him in his cell. He carries an unusual 'laser whip' which he uses to strike fear into his enemies and discipline to his soldiers.

After chasing the escaped Gôdo and his friends, the truth is finally revealed to Gebâ by the UFO belonging to the EUCOM organization: his wife and son had fallen over a cliff and Gôdo had tried unsuccessfully to save them. Furthermore, when Gebâ saw Gôdo he fired at him but in fact shot his own son accidentally. The awful truth reduces Gebâ to tears and he begs forgiveness of Gôdo.

He displys many similarities to Urko from the Apes TV series showing in the US at the same time - the head of ape security who shows a single-minded determination to exterminate the human fugitives, with little regard to his superiors. In the heavily-edited and English-dubbed version, 'Time of the Apes', he was renamed 'Gebar'.


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