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Biographical information
Species Gorilla
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Died Status unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor None
First Appearance "The Trap" (mentioned only)
Last Appearance "The Trap"

Elta was an ape that lived in Central City in the late 31st century. She was the wife of gorilla commander General Urko. When Urko was trapped underground with Burke, they attempted to communicate with a rescue party above them. To prove his identity to the gorilla sergeants topside, Urko revealed his wife's name. Apart from that, Elta has never made an actual appearance.


  • Presumably, Elta was a gorilla. It is unlikely that Urko (whom appeared to harbor a bias against apes of a different species) would choose a wife who was not a gorilla. However, Elta's parent species has never been fully revealed in the series.
  • It is possible that Elta and Urko may have had children together. In the draft script created by Rod Serling for the TV series, Ursus (Urko) has a 15-year-old son named Zonda, who's similar to Grunt.

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