Captured humans are taken to the Ape City


Thade's army sets out from the Ape City

Derkein is the (presumed) capitol of Ashlar, where the ruling Ape Senate is based, and has its own grand Ape Army. This is the city to which Leo Davidson and the other humans captives are taken after he crash-lands on the alien planet. He soon escapes with the help of Ari.


  • No name was given on camera for the city of apes in the 2001 version. However, the production artwork identifies the ape city as "Derkein." Derkein reappears as the name for the ape city in the Dark Horse Comics series based in the same world of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (2001). Derkein appears to be derived from a Greek word which gave the English word "dragon", and can also mean "seeing clearly".[1]


  1. The Planet of the Apes Chronicles, by Paul A. Woods
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