David Sheiner is an actor featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. He appeared in the 1974 episode "The Cure" as Zoran.

Speaking on the set, Sheiner described the difficulties of working with a heavy makeup appliance: "You hear your voice in muffled tones, the built-out mouth seems ponderous and you must over-react at first to make a point. Working outside in 90-degree heat also produces body sweat, but the face remains dry because all the pores are sealed off by the rubberized mold."[1] Co-star Biff Elliot recalled, "David initially struggled with his 'ape' walk. When he first walked onto set his walk looked like a cross between Chico and Groucho Marx, we couldn't stop laughing! We said, 'C'mon, that's not an ape walk, you're doing Groucho!' To which he replied, 'Well, I better go back and get my moustache painted on then!'[2]

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