Daena is a supporting main character and the love interest of Leo Davidson in the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie.


Daena was a rebellious female member of the human "Tek" clan, daughter of Sarai and Karubi, who lived in the jungles surrounding Ape City. Along with her father, Birn and Gunnar, she was captured by the slave driver Limbo and sold to the chimpanzee activist, Ari. She escaped with Leo Davidson into the Forbidden Zone and rallied her people into revolt against ape power.


  • Daena is based on Nova from the original 1968 movie, although a chimp character named Nova also features in this movie.
  • "Daena" is the name of a Persian goddess.[1]
  • Daena wears ripped scaled like skirt and is a good swimmer.




  1. The Planet of the Apes Chronicles, by Paul A. Woods
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