The relationships of J. Wesley McCullough from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.


John McCulloughEdit

John is McCullough's son.

McCullough's son was part of a special unit sent to scout out and find Ceasar's ape colony. He eventually became infected by one of his squad members, and slowly became a mute primitive. McCullough was forced to put down his son, not wanting to see him suffer as a mute and to prevent infection of other soldiers.

McCullough states several times how much he loved his son, and this is further reinforced by the photos that McCullough keeps around. Although it pained him to kill his own son, McCullough firmly believes it was for the greater good.

Friends and AlliesEdit



Red, McCullogh's first ape "donkey"

Red was McCullough's ape "donkey" whom he used to perform task such as providing ammunition and torturing the apes.


WPOTA Winter

Winter, McCullough's second ape "donkey".

Winter was McCullough's twelfth ape "donkey".


WPOTA Preacher 3

Preacher is one of McCullough's lieutenants.

Preacher was one of McCullough's lieutenants.

McCullough valued Preacher, stating that he was a good soldier and a great shot with a crossbow.



WPOTA Caesar shows no fear

Caesar, McCullough's ape enemy.

Caesar was McCullough's ape enemy.

While keeping Caesar as his prisoner, McCullough did everything in his power to crush the ape king's spirit, but he ultimately failed, although he was impressed by how intelligent Caesar was, but he arrogantly underestimated the ape king, as this is what led to Caesar and his colony of apes escaping from McCullough's compound.


WPOTA Cornelia & Blue Eyes dead

Cornelia, McCullough's ape enemy and victim.

Cornelia was McCullough's ape enemy and victim.

More to come...

Blue EyesEdit

WPOTA Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes, McCullough's ape enemy and victim.

Blue Eyes was McCullough's ape enemy and victim. While he says he didn't mean to kill Blue Eyes, thinking he was Caesar, he shows no remorse for it.

More to come...


WPOTA Nova 2

Nova, McCullough's enemy and indirect killer.

Nova is McCullough's enemy and indirect killer.

More to come...


WPOTA Rocket beaten up

Rocket, McCullough's second ape enemy.

Rocket is McCullough's second ape enemy.

More to come...



Lake, McCullough's third ape enemy.

Lake is McCullough's third ape enemy.

More to come...

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