All of human history has led to this moment. The irony is that we created you and nature has been punishing us ever since. This is our last stand and if we lose, it will be a planet of apes.
— Colonel McCullough

Colonel McCullough was the main antagonist of War for the Planet of the Apes.


Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

At the end of the movie, after recieving a distress signal from the San Fransico survivors, McCullough and his army is dispatched by the military base to hunt down and annihilate Caesar and his ape colony.

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

McCullough is first heard after his soldier, Preacher, tells him that he is unable to stop all the apes after an attack goes awry. McCullough later comes to the ape village himself, emerging from a waterfall with several other soldiers. While his fellow soldiers are killed, McCullough succeeds in killing Cornelia and Blue-Eyes, thinking Blue-Eyes was Caesar. McCullough tells his fellow soldiers that he (supposedly) killed Caesar, claiming "King Kong is down". Caesar overhears this and realizes what has happened. He returns to his family, only to find his oldest son and wife dead. McCullough is near the waterfall, preparing to flee the scene on the cables they descended with. However, he turns and sees the real Caesar, who is enraged at the death of his family. McCullough starts shooting at Caesar, but disengages and ascends the waterfall. Caesar grabs onto the cable and climbs in pursuit, but McCullough cuts the cable, sending Caesar back down into the water, while he escapes.

Later, Caesar comes across a scene of dead apes tied to large "x" shaped posts in the mountains, near the abandoned weapons depot that McCullough and his soldiers operate out of. Caesar is captured and is brought to the depot, where McCullough talks to him, and is amazed at how human-like Caesar looks. He orders Caesar to be put to work, building a large wall, like all the other apes.

McCullough watches the apes work, and orders rogue gorilla, Red, to whip an orang-utan who failed at his task. McCullough watches as Red savagely whips the orang-utan, and continues to watch as Caesar yells at Red. McCullough orders Caesar and the orang-utan be put in front of him. He ruthlessly kills the orang-utan then aims his gun at Caesar. He orders Red to tie Caesar an "x" shaped post in the middle of the depot, for all to see.

Later, Red cuts Caesar down, claiming that McCullough wants to see him. In his office, McCullough tells Caesar that the apes will not receive food or water until their work is finished. Caesar then taunts him for killing his own men. McCullough explains that the Simian Flu is still carried by all survivors, and overtime, it's effects progress to the point of being unable to speak. He claims this is what happened to his son, and says he sacrificed his own son to protect humanity. The soldiers he killed had the same inability to speak. McCullough then tells Caesar that he is building the wall to help defend his army from the actual Human Military, who he claims fear him and are trying to stop him. He finally tells Caesar that he did not mean to kill Blue-Eyes, but that he does not feel bad for what he did. This sends Caesar into a fury before he is tackled and brought back to his post.

In the morning, the worker apes are given food and water, however when it is Caesar's turn, Red pours the cold water on his head. Caesar is up on the post for a while longer and he is freezing due to the water being poured on him and being exposed to the cold climate around the depot, before being cut down. McCullough tells Red that in the morning Caesar will go back to work or be killed.

That night, McCullough resides in his office while all the apes escape the depot. As morning comes, so do the rest of the Human Military. They fire at McCullough's troops in helicopters and tanks. McCullough's troops manage to hold them off while other soldiers attempt to reach McCullough, who has locked himself in his office.

Caesar, set on revenge, gets into the Colonel's office via balcony, and finds blood all over the room. He makes his way to McCullough's bedroom to find him bleeding from the nose and reaching for a bottle of whiskey. McCullough looks up at Caesar, and attempts to speak, but is unable to due to the Simian Flu. It appears that McCullough contracted the flu from touching Nova's doll which was contaminated since Nova was infected. Caesar grabs the McCullough's Colt Commander that he used to kill the orang-utan, and points it at McCullough himself. McCullough puts his hand on Caesar's, signifying that he wants Caesar to pull the trigger. However, Caesar realizes what he is doing, and pulls McCullough's hand off his own, before setting down the handgun. McCullough grabs the handgun and points it at the top of his eye. Caesar leaves the room just as McCullough pulls the trigger, ending his own life.


War for the Planet of the Apes: RevelationsEdit

More to come...

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

McCullough was ruthless, merciless, highly intelligent, and extremely resourceful. Every action he takes was driven by his desire to keep the human race alive, which he took to an amazing extent. Once the Simian Flu begins causing the devolution of humans to a more primitive state of being, McCullough decides to kill any humans infected by the mutated simian flu, including his own son, showing that he would go to horrific lengths to survive and (in his mind) ensure the survival of the human race. When infected with the virus himself, he elects to take his own life rather than live as a primitive being.

His hostility puts him at odds with the men of the North, who believe the virus can still be dealt with medically. He frequently exhibits his power through fear and intimidation, killing without hesitation and torturing and starving Caesar as a public example to his enslaved apes. However, McCullough was able to recognise strengths in his own enemies, marvelling at Caesar's intelligence, but at the same time challenging what Caesar's revenge would achieve for either of their races. McCullough, in spite of his ruthlessness and cruelty, was a very reserved man, rarely losing his temper and maintaining his public image as a great leader for his men.

Despite the men in his unit being generally loyal to him, Caesar and the men of the North (correctly) saw McCullough as nothing more than a delusional-psychopath, evidenced by his lack of remorse for his actions, as well as the fact that he believed that all of his actions were justified. McCullough was also a superb strategist, after he learned of the location of the apes' outpost, he attack the apes' outpost, in the dead of night, in an attempt to assassinate Caesar, only to kill Blue Eyes (who he mistakenly believe to be the ape king) claiming the killing to be an act of war.



More to come...


More to come...

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